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Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
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Alton is the best man for the job. He is very complete and covers all the areas needed to become certified. His teaching methods and depth of teaching far exceed what is required for certification. Your company will be very pleased with the results from knowing Alton.  
                                           -"VR" Quality Control Manager, Nuclear Power Station

Alton's command of the code (NB-23) and his 25+ years of hands on experience, truly make this individual an  expert in this field. I highly recommend him to assist you in your endeavor.​                  -"VR" Quality Control Manager, Nuclear Power Station

I want to tell you that we were delighted with the training you provided, and I have only heard multiple positive comments from the guys about the class
"VR" Valve Shop Manager, Chemical Facility​   

JAC Consulting, Inc.​​