3 Day, Direct Spring PRV Seminar 

  • Air/Gas & Liquid Service PRVs
  • Disassembly & Inspection
  • ​Lapping & Reassembly
  • Testing & Sealing
  • ​Nameplate Stamping
  • ​Troubleshooting​

Off-Site Service
Hands-On Maintenance Training

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1 Day, Pilot Operated Relief Valve Seminar

  • Snap Acting & Modulating Type Pilots
  • Disassembly & Inspection
  • ​Parts Replacement & Reassembly
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Features & Benefits
Quality Program Consulting
Pressure Relief Valve

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Pressure Relief Valve
Quality Program Consulting
& Hands-On Maintenance Training

Note: Off-Site Training may be customized and presented On-Site

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Hand's-On Maintenance Training

Consulting Services &

Hands-On Training 

Training Class Certificates

The National Board does not certify repair personnel.  It certifies organizations to repair PRVs under its VR (Valve Repair) Certification.  Under the VR Program, each repair organization is responsible for the training and certification of its own personnel.  

While there is no pressure relief valve (PRV) repair certification available from a governing/oversight body -- such as the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), or American Petroleum Institute (API) -- the National Board does conduct a PRV repair seminar for supervisors, engineers and quality control personnel.  However, that seminar does not include Hands-On Training.

​In response to the need for Practical Training, Subject Matter Expert Alton Cox (President of JAC and National Board VR seminar instructor since 1987) developed a Systematic Training Program for PRV Repair.  JAC conducts customized, Site-Specific Maintenance Seminars for organizations involved in PRV Repair and Testing.  JAC Seminars provide individual participants with Hands-On Instruction in the Technical Knowledge and Mechanical Skills necessary to perform PRV repairs.

Individual Certificates are presented to Training Seminar attendees. 

PRV Training Class / Consulting Services

-ASME & VR Quality Control Manual Origination

-Quality Program Development and Implementation
-Measurement & Test Equipment Calibration Program
-QC Administration and Documentation

-Test Bench Qualification Packages
-Site Specific VR QC Program Training
-Site Specific Training for ASME Certified Individuals

3 Day, Advanced VR QC Administrative Seminar

  • ASME Code Training
  • NBIC Part 4 Test Only Training
  • NBIC Part 4 VR Repair Training
  • Site-Specific VR QC Program
  • QC Program Admin Activities
  • Calibration of Measuring Equipment
  • Personnel Qualification (Training Reviews)
  • VR & T/O Traveler Review
  • Shop & Field Audit Conduct
  • Non-Conformance Procedure
  • NB-18 (Capacity Calculation/Verification)