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Hand's-On Maintenance Training
Pressure Relief Valve
Quality Program Consulting
& Hands-On Maintenance Training
Quality Program Consulting
Pressure Relief Valve

VR QC Program Steps

Step 1: Off Site Evaluation of Proposed Scope of PRV Repair Program
Step 2: Off Site VR QC Program Development

  • Off Site: Origination of VR QC Manual
  • Off Site: Origination of Sub-Tier Procedures

Step 3: On Site Hands-On Personnel Training Program

  • Site-Specific VR QC System
  • Hands-On PRV Repair

Step 4: On Site VR QC System Implementation

  • Implementation of VR QC Administration Activities

  • Measurement & Test Equipment Calibration 
  • PRV Test System Qualification

Step 5: On Site VR QC Shop Audit

  • Evaluate “VR” QC Program
  • Document “VR” QC Program Implementation

Step 6: On Site Participation in the National Board Implementation Review

  • “VR” QC Manual Review 
  • “VR” QC Program Shop Implementation 

Step 7: PRV Verification Testing at an ASME/NBBI Accepted Laboratory
Schedule permitting, JAC provides complimentary witnessing of National Board Verification Testing
Step 8: Issuance of NBBI “VR” Certificate of Authorization*
JAC Consulting, Inc. does not participate in the final step.